Jury Duty

  1. Acceptable Attire

    There is no formal dress code, but you are in a courthouse and you must dress appropriately for the seriousness of the proceedings.

  2. Calling the Court

    If the recorded message tells you not to come to court for jury service, you will have completed your jury obligation only for the remainder of the court year.

  3. Disqualifications

    Find out who is disqualified from jury duty.

  4. Electronic Devices

    You can generally bring an electronic device (for example, laptop, cell phone, MP3 player), but use is limited or prohibited in certain areas.

  5. Exemptions

    Find out who is exempt from jury duty.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    Access the most frequently asked questions regarding Jury Duty in the Circuit Court of Prince George's County.

  7. Generous Juror Program

    If you are called for jury duty, just donate your $15 daily expense money to the Prince George's County Department of Social Services for children eligible to receive their services. It is a simple but meaningful gesture that will raise additional funds for vulnerable children each year.

  8. Juror Qualification Form

    The Juror Qualification Form is sent to all prospective jurors and is used to help determine whether a person is qualified to be a juror.

  9. Jury Duty Scam Warning

    Please be aware of several scams circulating the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County

  10. Personal Emergencies

    Because your absence can delay a trial, it is important that you report each day you are required

  11. Requests to be Excused

    Excuse from jury service undermines the important purpose of providing jurors who represent a fair cross section of the citizens of the State and casts a direct and unfair burden on other citizens selected for service.

  12. Rights & Duties

    Jury Service is an important aspect of the rights, privileges and duties that we all enjoy as citizens. Your willingness to serve and participate in this essential part of our judicial system is greatly appreciated by the Court.

  13. Summons

    Get important information regarding your jury summons.