1. Children's Waiting Room

    A children's waiting room is provided as a free service for Parents/Guardians with court hearings/business.

  2. Family Division Information Center

    Get information regarding the Family Division Information Center.

  3. Family Division Paralegal Unit

    The Family Division Paralegal Unit assists attorneys and self-represented parties in certain family law cases.

  4. Family Law Orientation

    The Family Division of the Circuit Court for Prince George's County offers a free Family Law Orientation--in English and Spanish.

  5. Family Support Services

    Trained professionals provide Mediation (alternative dispute resolution) programs to assist litigants resolve family disputes.

  6. Interpreters

    The Circuit Court offers interpreters for sign language and spoken languages, without cost to litigants.

  7. Lactation Center

    The Circuit Court for Prince George’s County now offers a Lactation Center for use by courthouse employees and jurors.

  8. Transcripts

    Learn about the various options you have in regards to receiving transcripts from the court.