You may order a transcript from a hearing before a Circuit Court judge. Please pay special attention to the following:
  • All proceedings before the court are recorded by a Court Reporter or electronically. 
  • Transcripts of proceedings in the Circuit Court are available only through an official Court Reporter.
  • The cost of transcripts depends on the type of record and the number of pages in the final typed transcript.
  1. District Court Hearings

    Find out the rules and regulations surrounding the attainment of transcripts from the District Court.

  2. Family Division Magistrate Hearings

    Find out what type of transcript you can purchase from a hearing that was presided over by a Family Division Magistrate.

  3. Ordering a CD

    Find out how you can order a CD containing transcript information.

  4. Ordering a Transcript

    Find out how you can order a transcript from the Circuit Court.