Veterans Court

Mission Statement

In recognition of the plight on veterans that accompanies military service, the mission of the Circuit Court for Prince George's County Veterans Court Program is to serve the community and increase public safety. This will be accomplished by integrating and incorporating a coordinated treatment response with justice-involved veterans who have substance abuse and/or mental health issues with the goal of returning productive, law-abiding citizens to the community thereby reducing recidivism.​

​                                                                                               Program Description​

The Veterans Court Program is a supervised, voluntary, comprehensive and sanction based treatment program. The program is 12-months. Veterans entering the judicial system with a misdemeanor or felony level offense with prosecutorial consent, documented substance abuse dependency and/or mental issues are its focus. Upon acceptance, participants are required to attend regular court hearings before a Presiding Judge, maintain curfew, participate in substance abuse treatment, undergo frequent drug testing as well as Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) counseling and mental health services, if needed. The judge leads the team's efforts focusing on sobriety, recovery and accountability as primary goals. The Veterans Court team insures the implementation of these goals for each participant.
​                                                                                               Veterans Court FAQs

​--The program began in Prince George's County in 2015​
​--Target population for the Veterans Court Program consists of individuals who may have an alcohol or drug related problem/dependency and/or mental health issues and a veteran of any branch of the military. ​
​--Must be a Prince George's County resident​
​--Four phase, sanction and incentive based program model
​--​Average length of stay is 12-months ​​​​