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1. How long does the server have to serve the other party?
2. What do I do if I can’t locate the other party?
3. What do I do if the other party is avoiding service?
4. Does the server have to do anything after she/he serves the other party?
5. What is an Affidavit of Service?
6. What happens after the other party is served?
7. What do I do if I receive a summons?
8. What is an answer?
9. What happens when the other party answers the complaint?
10. What is a scheduling conference?
11. What if the other party does not file an answer?
12. What is an Order of Default?
13. Can I ask for an interpreter?
14. How will I know when I have a hearing?
15. What do I do the day of the hearing?
16. What if I can’t attend the date of my hearing?
17. What do I do if I need to get a protective order for domestic violence or child abuse?
18. What if I need an emergency hearing for custody, visitation, or support?
19. When my spouse/partner and I split up, who has legal custody of our children?
20. Can I get my name changed to my maiden name through a divorce?
21. Can I decide not to go through with the case I started?
22. What do I do if I want to make a change in custody, visitation, or child support?
23. What do I do if the other party is not following the judgment or order of custody, visitation, or child support?
24. Where do I call with questions about child support?
25. What are a plaintiff and a defendant?
26. What is the difference between a limited divorce and an absolute divorce?
27. Can I request custody and child support in a divorce case?
28. Do I need a lawyer?
29. How do I find a lawyer?
30. Is there a cost?
31. What do I do with the completed forms?
32. What forms do I need to start a case for divorce, custody, child support?
33. What if I can’t pay the filing fee?
34. What is a summons?
35. What is the difference between custody and guardianship of a minor?
36. What kinds of custody are there?