Court Administration

The Honorable DaNeeka Varner Cotton serves as Administrative Judge for the 7th Circuit and for the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The Court Administrative Office supports the work of the judiciary through employees responsible for the daily operations and administrative functions of the Circuit Court. The court is made up of the following distinguished persons:

  • Administrative Judge
    The Honorable DaNeeka Varner Cotton 
  • Court Administrator
    Charleston L. Carter  
  • Deputy Court Administrator/Jury Commissioner
     Erica M. Payne-Santiago
  • Bailiffs
     Aubrey A. Curry, Chief
  • Court Reporters
     Tara Newman, Deputy Chief
  • Calendar Management
     Bridget Gazelle, Director
  • Communications
     Jocelyn Steele, Communications Manager 
  • ADA Compliance Officer
     LaCresha Buchanan, Human Resources Director                 ALTERNATE: LaTisha Sandidge-Harrell 
  • Family Division
    Melinda L. Jackson, Director
  • Senior Fiscal Manager, Budget and Finance
    Gregory McCain
  • Human Resources 
    LaCresha Buchanan, Director
  • Information Technology
    Harold E. Russell, III, Director 
  • Law Library
    Tonya E. Baroudi, Director
  • Problem Solving Courts
    Julisa Cunningham, Director 
  • Judicial Services
    Desheia D. Claggett, Manager