Truancy Reduction Court

Mission Statement

The mission of the Circuit Court of Prince George’s County Truancy Reduction Court is to improve student attendance, achieve academic improvement and identify the causes of habitual truancy with collaborative efforts between community agencies and the local school districts to enhance the academic success of all students.

Program Description

Under the leadership of the Honorable William D. Missouri, a committee was formed to study the feasibility of Truancy Reduction Court in Prince George’s County and accepted the recommendation to institute the Truancy Reduction Court. In 2008,  the Truancy Reduction Court Program was implemented. The four phase program requires participants to attend school regularly and comply with any court ordered services or mandates. The rendered services are determined on a case-by-case basis.  Mental health counseling, family counseling, grief counseling, anger management, behavioral services and/or other forms of therapeutic interventions are readily available for participants and their families. 

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Truancy Reduction Court FAQs

  • Average program length is from six to ninemonths (Actual length will fluctuate based on student participation)
  • Must be a resident of Prince George’s County and enrolled in Prince George’s County Public School
  • Students must have 20 percent unlawful absences doing a quarter, semester or school year
  • Students must be under the age of 16 years and six months
  • Students and their families must have been unresponsive to previous interventions
  • Students must be screened by a team appointed by the Prince Georges County Public Schools Court liaison
  • Cases not meeting criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis