If you are a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and a resident of Prince George’s County you may still be disqualified if you:
  • Cannot read, write, speak or understand the English language,
  • Have a disability that prevents you from serving on a jury (as explained in writing from your health care provider to the court), Note: Your medical documentation need only state that you are unable to service on a jury due to a medical condition. If you wish to be excused permanently, your documentation must state that. Otherwise, our excusal will only be for your current jury service.
  • Were sentenced to more than six months in prison and have not been pardoned, or
  • Have criminal charges pending against you for a crime punishable by more than six months in prison.

These provisions are found in Maryland Annotated Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, Section 8-103.