You are required to complete and return the JUROR QUALIFICATION FORM within (10) days of receipt), which includes Part B (on the back of the summons - Items 1 through 23). This information can be completed on-line (Select Juror Qualification Form on the left). In addition to completing on-line, the website also allows you to update your juror profile or to submit a request (one time only) that your service is postponed to a later date. If any responses require documentation, you will not be able to complete your questionnaire online. You must complete the paper version and mail it to the address on your summons along with your required documentation. If any of your answers on the form disqualify or exempt you from serving, or if your request for a postponement of service is granted, you will be notified before the date your service is to begin (as shown on the bottom right portion of the summons) and you will not have to attend. If you are no longer a resident of the county, you will NOT receive notification of your excusal. Again, it is important that you return the form within ten (10) days as requested.

If you prefer or if requesting to be excused or disqualifiedyour completed summons-Jury Qualification form may be returned to the Court via mail with any relevant documentation (refer to the DOCUMENTATION CODE LEGEND noted in Part B). This ensures Jury Office receives your information timely.

If you have questions about your service or how to complete the qualification form please contact us at 301-952-4385.


Unless receiving an ADA accommodation, jurors are not to bring/invite visitors or companions with them. Only the person with a jury summons for the day of service will be permitted in jury assembly areas. Therefore, children, spouses, parents, neighbors, friends, and other guests may not accompany or visit with a juror in any assembly area. Caregivers will only be permitted with prior authorization from the Jury Commissioner.


If you are not a US Citizen, provide a valid, legal copy of your current permanent resident card, green card, work visa, or passport. If you do not have any of these documents, contact the embassy of your country of citizenship for assistance.


Sí usted no es ciudadano de los Estados Unidos, provea una fotocopia vigente y oficial de su tarjeta de residencia legal permanente, o targeta verde, visa de trabajo, o pasaporte. Sí usted no tiene ninguno de éstos documentos, por favor comuníquese con la embajada de su pais de ciudadania para obtener asistencia.

Check the embassy of your country of citizenship.

Toque aquí para entrar a la página de la embajada de su país de cuidadanía


A letter of explanation is required including a signature from the person assisting you with completing the summons and jury qualification form. Please note the relationship to the individual.


Una carta de explicación es requerida incluyendo la firma de la persona asistiendole a completar los documentos de notificación y el formulario de requisitos. Por favor incluya su relación con ésta persona.