Research Guides

More legal information than ever is available online. But finding it can be difficult. The Circuit Court for Prince George’s County Law Library has gathered links to websites, videos, forms and articles on different topics of the law into one page research guides to make finding legal information easier and more accessible. All links are from well-respected and reliable sources. Research can be done at home and Law Library staff can help by email or telephone if additional assistance is needed. Also included are some of the most commonly used books by topic, all available at the Law Library.

Access information on the following topics:

Administrative Actions

Maryland administrative agencies are granted powers by the Maryland legislature to implement the law through regulations, issuing permits, and other actions. Judicial review may be requested and heard in a circuit court when a person wants to challenge a state or local administrative agency decision that was made during a previous administrative action.

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection laws forbid unfair or deceptive trade practices such as false advertising, phony guarantees and defective goods or services.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes select crimes committed by a current or former household or family member of the victim. Below are select resources focusing on the issue of domestic violence.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination prevents Marylanders guaranteed equal opportunity in receiving employment and in all labor management-union relations regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or genetic information.


Expungement removes information about a case from court and law enforcement records. Different types of records have different removal procedures.


Foreclosure is the process of a lender taking possession of a property when the borrower fails to make loan payments. Select the Foreclosure link above for access to select resources focusing on the issue of foreclosure.


Guardianship is when a court appoints a guardian for a person unable to take care of their personal or financial needs because of age, disease, or disability. Select the Guardianship link above for access to select resources focusing on the issue of guardianship.


Landlord/tenant law focuses on the respective right and obligations of renters and residential property owners. 

Mutual Consent

Mutual consent is a “no fault” ground for absolute divorce. A court may grant an absolute divorce on the ground of mutual consent, without a waiting period, if certain requirements are met. Below are select resources focusing on the issue of mutual consent divorce.

Name Change

A change of name is the legal act by a person of adopting a new name either for themselves of a minor under their legal care.

Power of Attorney / Advance Directives 

A power of attorney is a document that gives someone legal authority to act for another person. An advance directive is a document describing what health care you want or do not want after you can no longer choose because of a medical emergency or other event.

Service of Process

Service of process is the way a defendant receives court papers and notice about a court case. The defendant must be served before the court will hear your case.

Wills and Estates

A Will is a written legal document that states what a person wants done about various topics after they are deceased. The property of the deceased is their estate.